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I'm Pau, an indie filmmaker based in Barcelona. I'm passionate about telling stories through images. I'm curious, always striving to improve and learn in order to create better projects and be a more skilled professional and a better person.

I hold a university degree in Communication and Advertising Creativity, as well as an advanced degree in filmmaking. Additionally, I am a certified STS drone pilot by AESA.

Throughout my career, I have worked on various projects, including documentaries, commercials, short films, music videos, television productions, and advertisements. I have undertaken diverse roles in these projects, which has afforded me a comprehensive understanding of video production.

Typically, I work in the camera department, either as a cameraman or director of photography. I also have a passion for directing personal projects, allowing me to demonstrate leadership within a team. With my personal short film "Llamame" we could participated in diferent festivals and won some awards. Also I work as a editor using Davinci Resolve to edit the final videos and perform color grading.

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